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Wholesale Gold St. Lucian Sea Moss

Wholesale Gold St. Lucian Sea Moss

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Golden Caribbean Sea Moss (5 lbs Wholesale)

Golden Caribbean Sea Moss (5 lbs Wholesale)

Dive into the world of sea moss with our premium Golden Caribbean Sea Moss, harvested with care from the pristine shores of St. Lucia. This 5-pound wholesale offering is perfect for those new to the wonders of sea moss or seasoned aficionados looking for an exceptional product. Our Golden Sea Moss stands out for its minimal cleaning requirement, making it an ideal choice for moss-making beginners and experts alike.

Key Features:

  • Superior Quality: Sourced from the nutrient-rich Caribbean Sea, our Golden Sea Moss is a testament to purity and sustainability. Its mild taste and creamy texture form a tasteless gel, ensuring a seamless addition to your daily diet.
  • Ease of Use: With very little cleaning needed, this sea moss is ready to transform into nourishing gels or integrate into your favorite recipes without hassle.
  • Versatile Consumption: Whether enjoyed straight from the spoon with its fresh, mild flavor or blended into smoothies, teas, or any liquid, our sea moss gel enhances your meals with healthful ease.
  • Nutrient-Dense: As a species of red algae, Sea Moss contains over 90 essential minerals and vitamins, supporting overall health and wellness. Our selection process ensures you receive the most nutrient-packed variety from over 6000 types of red algae.
  • Directly Sourced: We pride ourselves on directly importing our Sea Moss from the Caribbean, ensuring a product that is not only of the highest quality but also contributes to the sustainability of local ecosystems.


  • Boost Your Health: Rich in iodine, potassium, calcium, and antioxidants, our Golden Sea Moss supports thyroid function, immune health, and skin vitality.
  • Easy to Incorporate: Its neutral taste makes it a perfect addition to any dietary routine, offering a straightforward way to elevate your health without altering the flavors of your favorite dishes.
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