Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between all of your available Sea Moss?

We have categorized our Sea Moss by colour and by thickness/shape.


Electric = golden-purple 
Solar = golden
Magnetic = purple
Emerald = green 
Chromatic - Full Spectrum (purple, gold, green)


Slim = thin (scientific name: gracialaria)
Lean = thin to medium thickness (scientifc name: Eucheuma cottonii)
Fit = medium thickness (scientific name: Eucheuma spinosum
Body = thick, flat, fan-shaped (scientific name: Chondrus crispus)


Purple and green coloured Sea Moss reportedly contains higher concentrations of iodine and has a strong sea taste. Golden Sea Moss has a milder taste and its own distinct set of phytonutrients. Golden coloured moss is the more widely consumed variety, and green moss contains high concentrations of chlorophyll.

Different varieties of sea moss have pigments in different quantities, but all varieties of Wild Sea Moss contain similar nutritional values. By alternating the varieties you consume is to take advantage of the plethora of nutrients available. 

How do you use Sea Moss gel?

Sea Moss is incredibly versatile and in gel form can be used topically or in food and drink. 

Mix up to a tablespoon of gel into water, smoothies, or juices twice a day. Consume more during illness or during fasts.

As a face mask, or spot treatment for skin conditions apply a layer of gel on affected area. Let dry. Rinse after 15-30 minutes. May be combined with lotions for overnight treatment.

Keep refrigerated. Use within 3 weeks.

Is Irish Moss the Same as Sea Moss

There are over 6000 different species of red algae. The types of Sea Mosses we offer are among some of the most popular edible varieties. Sea Moss and its many varieties all possess similar properties and nutrients.

Irish Moss or Chondrus crispus is a variety of Sea Moss that was used to reverse malnutrition in the Irish famine and helped to save lives by its ability to replenish the body’s nutrients due to its extremely high mineral count and antioxidants.

Caribbean countries have adopted the name Irish Moss as a term for many types of different Sea Moss varieties. So, the term Irish Moss can be used to describe a specific type of sea moss, Chondrus crispus. Or, the term Irish Moss can be used to describe any edible Sea Moss. World Moss aims to provide you with as many Sea Moss varieties as possible, so that benefits from the incredible array of phytonutrients, trace minerals, vitamins and antioxidants can be experienced.

If you ship my gel to me, will my moss go bad? 

We use a special technique to oxygen seal our jars which has allowed us to ship our gels outside of Toronto to far distances and still retain freshness of the gel. We also ship via courier so that your gels are on your door-step usually within one day. 

If somehow, an extreme delay and disturbance occurs with your items during causing the seal to be broken and for the gel to leak out or lose its freshness (extremely rare), do not consume. You will know your gel is bad if there is a white film or white spots on it. If this is the case, take a photo of  your gel, and contact us immediately: If you are worried about your location receiving delayed parcels, we recommend buying our shelf stable items (dried sea moss, and sea moss infused drinks.