Meet The Founder of World Moss Inc. - Nerissa Karacic

Meet The Founder of World Moss Inc. - Nerissa Karacic

Introducing our founder, Nerissa Karacic, a former professional tennis player with a Bachelor's degree in Biology/Pre-Med and a keen entrepreneurial spirit. After completing her undergraduate studies at the top of her class on a tennis scholarship at the University of District of Columbia in Washington DC, Nerissa continued her academic journey at the prestigious Schulich School of Business in Canada, where she obtained her Masters in Business Administration.

Following a period of health challenges, Nerissa found solace in natural medicine and began exploring the incredible potential of sea moss. This red algae, a staple in Caribbean and African cultures for generations, soon became the focus of her mission to share its powerful healing properties with others.

Starting at local farmers markets, Nerissa taught people about sea moss and continually improved her product offerings. The first pandemic lockdown served as a catalyst for her to launch an e-commerce platform, which led to significant growth for her company.

World Moss Inc. is dedicated to addressing mineral deficiencies by harnessing the power of sea moss, a nutrient-dense superfood rich in essential minerals. The company's sea moss products are reported to offer a wide range of health benefits, from reducing inflammation to bolstering immunity.

Sourcing sea moss from the Caribbean, Africa, and Canada, World Moss Inc. creates a variety of convenient, vegan, and gluten-free products, such as a versatile gel and the world's first sea moss-infused beverages.

As a passionate supporter of Caribbean and African communities, Nerissa seeks to empower people from these regions with health-promoting products that enhance their overall well-being. Together with her husband, Gordon Karacic, this dynamic duo aims to reach unprecedented heights in the sea moss industry. Join us on this wellness journey and discover the incredible benefits of sea moss by browsing our products today!

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