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Every day is better with Fruit! Even if you can't always find time to step away from your busy work day, we understand that eating healthily and feeling refreshed is essential. So we created the fruit box: a selection of our favorite fruits suited for any diet and lifestyle. And, we will deliver it to your doorstep! Throw our items into the blender along with our Sea Moss gels for an incredibly fulfilling and sustaining smoothie. With its cell generating and energizing properties, this fruit box will make you healthier - Right now!

Available only to customers within the Peel, Toronto, and York Regions.

Subscribe to save or buy as a one time purchase. Berries, avocado, burro bananas, key limes, seeded grapes, mango and others are all fruits that we will like to incorporate into these boxes. The variety of fruits in boxes to change weekly based on local farmers' availability. Any tropical fruit takes the shortest route to your hands ensuring the highest of quality.